32nd Street is a location in New York City where the subway crash in Final Destination: End of the Line takes place.

How the train crash happened

For unknown reasons, the conductor of a train abruptly stopped the locomotive during the middle of its route and sends many of the passengers lurching out of their seats. The train sits still for a brief moment until the horns of another train begin to blare from behind. Instead of decelerating, the train accelerates, and crashes into the other train from behind. The resulting derailment causes an explosion that crushes and incinerates several civilians on both trains in a massive pile-up.

Death Toll: Unknown (although Peter saw several civilians who were still on the train before it crashed).


  • While the group are eating in a diner, the vibrations created by the subway passing underneath causes a bottle of ketchup to fall off the table and shatter, creating a mess that presumably resembled a puddle of blood.
  • While entering the subway, Danny sees a shadow of a train hurtling towards a brick wall, ready to crash.
  • Danny sees a homeless crazy pedestrian wearing a sign stating, "Repent Now. Tomorrow is Too Late."
  • Danny runs into a man who tells him, "Kids like you, shouldn't be allowed. Should all be taken out..."
  • Before boarding the train, Danny sees graffiti scribbled onto the side of it. Translated, it meant DIE MOTHERFUCKERS.
  • Danny sees a young Asian man listening to "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Louise finds a copy of Murder on the Orient Express and starts reading it.
  • The book Louise finds is the same book Peter's mother read before she died.
  • It it is a reference to Route 23, reversing the numbers.


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