Madame Adrienne is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. She is wise and experienced spiritualistic medium who was known for performing several séances with civilians in Victorian England at her house on Mornington Crescent street. She is also one of the fatalities of the explosion that occurred at her house.


Adrienne is at her house, hosting one of her séances with Bill Sangster, Matthew Upton, Jane Stanley, Juliet Collins, Stewart Tubbs, Hector Barnes, and Andrew Caine. Suddenly, Juliet begins to panic and tells everyone that she's seen a horrible premonition, where Adrienne, her servants, and all of the guests suddenly die in a haphazard flash fire. Adrienne tries to reassure Juliet that coming in contact with spirits is traumatic, but easy to adjust to after a while. However Juliet believed her vision was real, and she caused a stir that led to everyone in the house leaving. As everyone is walking home, the house explodes and incinerates Adrienne and all of her servants instantly.

It was later revealed that the explosion was caused due to gas from a tunnel that rose through the ground and into Adrienne's house, which ignited with the fire in the boiler and set the house ablaze.

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