Andrew Williams is a character in the novel Final Destination: End of the Line. He was a patient inside St. Stephen's hospital, suffering from a terminal case of cancer. A few hours after the 32nd Street subway crash, it was time for Andrew's bath, and his nurse slowly helped him into his bathtub. Noticing how chilly it was inside the room, as well as the water being colder than usual, he asked the nurse to add more hot water and she did, before leaving to go change Mr. O'Shaunessy's drip pan. Andrew noticed that the nurse forgot to turn off the water but disregarded it and began to fall asleep. Due to a heavy sedative that Kate Shelley gave him (and because Lien decided to help out another nurse instead of hurrying back to turn off the water) Andrew didn't wake up and the bathtub began to overflow and started to leak through the floor. Eventually, the bathtub plummeted to the level below it, startling Andrew and crushing Rinoka Aratsu to death.

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