Officer Andy Adams is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Reckoning. He is an LAPD officer who was supposed to escort Jessica Golden to holding facility for being the prime suspect of the Club Kitty accident. After much protesting from Jamie, Jess managed to calmly tell him to go home and that she would be fine, and he and Eric Prescott left the station. As Jess was being taken into the parking lot, she grabbed a golden statue that was sitting on a table and hit Officer Adams in the knee before she started sprinting away. Although hungry and tired from working over 24 hours straight, the officer started to chase after Jess until they arrived inside a Chinese restaurant, where she lost him by storming out the back door. Adams continued to follow her, but tripped over a set of garbage cans Jess placed at the back door in order to slow him down.

A few minutes later, the officer caught up with Jess in an alleyway due to Eric giving away her position and resumed the chase. Before Adams could catch them, Jess threw herself into a taxi cab (and Jamie threw Eric inside as well) before the vehicle drove off, leaving Jamie to distract Adams so they could get away. After Jamie was apprehended, Adams chased after the taxi Jess hopped into and forced the driver, Steve, to pull over. Once the officer got out his car and knocked on the window, he drove off, leaving Adams to chase after the taxi yet again. Being an ex-stunt driver, Steve managed to elude the officer by performing a 360-degree spin and driving out of the officer's view. Adams returned to the precient he was stationed at a few hours later so he could release Jamie, thanks to Macy posting bail.

The next night, Adams was riding in his police cruiser eating a hot dog when his partner Officer Spencer received a call on his radio, which made Adams spill horseradish sauce on his clothes. While wiping up the mess, Spencer told Adams to head over to a diner after someone reported a gun being fired. Once they got there, Spencer froze before he got out the car. When Adams got out to see what was wrong, he became nauseous after finding Macy's body, which had been bloodily bifurcated by a metal pane. Adams took out his radio and advised Crime Squad to bring a shovel and pail when they came down there.

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