Final destination 1

       A fan is spinning in the room (this represents the engine of flight 180)

       a wooden doll hangs from the ceiling the shadow makes it look like a hanging (this represents Tod's death)       

       Final destination 2

       a spider is seen crawling on the bed (Japanese believe that Spiders ensnare careless travelers( there was a drunk trucker and the chain snapped from the log truck because of a careless mistake))

       a blade is seen pointed at Kimberly's eye(in a picture) (represents Evan's death)

       due to a obscure positioning a book's title read road rip (hinting the highways pile-up)       

       Final Destination 3

       the ride corkscrew was the name of one roller coaster( the devil's flight is based off that coaster)

       a girl is the swallowing a sword ( represents Lewis's death but to me it more Perry's death than anything)

       twin electric sisters(Ashley and Ashlyn's death)

       woman with nails in nose, ears, and mouth (erin's death)                Final Destination 4

       X-ray identifications

       impaled in eye socket( Evan Lewis)

       impaled through skull( Katherine "Kat " Jennings)

       skeleton trisected (Rory Peters)

       car continuously flipping( Rory car from the premonition)

       wire wrapped around spinal cord(Tod Wagner)

       knife impaling rib cage (Valerie Lewton)

       spinning engine fan(Franklin Cheeks)

       elevator door closing(

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