• FinalDestination6

    Final Destination 6

    December 15, 2017 by FinalDestination6

    Final Destination 6

    A group of 7 friends - Amy Jordan, her boyfriend Niall Johnston, her best friend Caroline Reedus, Caroline's girlfriend Tara Palmer, Jen Davisson, who has a crush on Amy, jock Paul Franklin, and former drug addict Ed Antler - board a cruise ship for a day of fun. However Amy has a premonition of everybody on the ship dying. Niall believes it is because she forgot to take her schizophrenia medication and convinces the ship's captain, Markus, to let them return to shore. Markus instructs two crew members, Dinesh and Jeffrey, to take Amy back to shore on a smaller boat. Also aboard the smaller boat are the ship's doctor, Dr. Parks, salesman Rachel Jeffords and Hugh Raleigh, and the rest of Amy's friends except for Ed, who …

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  • Delsakrista

    Train 057

    December 27, 2014 by Delsakrista

    Train 057 is an doomed train subway appearing in Final Destination 6 which Alex Coleman has a premonition sometime in January or February of 2007. Train 057 is the only opening disaster with more survivors than casualties as well as the only one with an undefined survivor.

    A section of the hydraulics on one of the pipes underneath the train had begun to leak, which ruptured before the ride started. As the ride progressed, the pipe began to rattle and jar loose. While going through a loop, Andie Martin had her camera knocked out of his hand by Alex Harris, which wrapped around the tracks. The rail ran over the camera, which severed the hydraulic line, in turn disconnecting the train.

    The train then crashes into the wall, killing the other peo…

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