Final Destination 4.5 is a fan movie created by Marco Rudolph in Germany. The film stars Sven Kittel, Rene Ehinger and Rico Kittel.
Final Destination 422:22

Final Destination 4.5 (Fan movie)

This is the video.


Some kids, Sven, Rene, Felix, Fabi, Rico, Tina, David and one other, go to play football in a field, then Sven has a premonition that a plane will crash onto the field and kill them all. When his vision begins to repeat itself in reality, he gets everyone off the field, with the exception of David, who is injured and can't get up. They try to save him, but the plane comes and he is killed. When the unnamed kid shouts "He's dead!", a propeller from the plane comes flying and slices him in two.

Later, Sven is wondering why he knew what would happen, when he sees a news report of Nick, Lori and Janet's death in the coffee shop. Meanwhile, Tina is mopping up the floor in her apartment, and some bleach spills into her drink and she drinks it, poisoning and killing her. Then, Rico falls out a window and dies. Sven and Rene try to figure out what is going on. They drive around and accidentally run over someone. They are horrified to discover that it is Felix. Then the two are walking when a brick smashes Rene's head.

Later, Sven sees a news report about Rene's death, and the news anchor says "Only you're left, Sven!". He turns off the TV and goes to the woods. There, he keeps hearing random things that his deceased friends have said in the past. Then he hear's Rene say, "Sacrificing someone that is not involved. What about your ex-girlfriend?". He smiles wickedly and phones his ex-girlfriend, Sally and tells her to come into the woods. When she arrives, Sven chases her and stabs her with a knife multiple times, killing her. Then he realizes that he never really wanted to do that, and screams "NOOOOOOOO!!!!".

Suddenly, he wakes up in his bed, revealing that this whole thing was just a dream. But then the phone rings and he answers it. It is Rene, telling him to come and play football with him, Rico, Felix, Fabi and David. Sven screams as the letters "To be continued." appear.


  • Sven Kittel as Sven
  • Rene Ehinger as Rene
  • Sally Kopcinska as Sally
  • Maika Schulze as Tina
  • Rico Kittel as Rico
  • Felix Kolasch as Felix
  • David Hoffman as David
  • Laura Latzsch as News Anchor
  • Marco Rudolph as Emergeny Voice

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