Candi is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. She is a prostitute who was picked up by Al Kinsey while he was cruising the city in his red Ferrari. After driving for a short period of time, Candi begins performing fellatio on the spiky-haired driver, while he simultaneously drives. Still sucking on his penis, Al got into a drag race with two other drivers inside of a black Ferrari. Al begins to lose, up until the other car blew a tire on the train tracks and he laughs at their mistake. Candi suddenly hears a loud crash and something warm fall on her head. She stopped sucking for a moment and began to scream as she saw Al's headless corpse and blood splattered on her body; after the tire blew, its hubcap went flying in Al's direction and decapitated him as it broke through the windshield. Still screaming, Candi desperately tries to stop the car after realizing Al's body has its foot on the gas pedal. She swerves off the road to avoid hitting another vehicle and crashes into a concrete wall, ruining the car and receiving an injury. A still screaming Candi and Al's body were later found by Patti and Will after they located his car with a Palm Pilot.

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