Nascar 11

car 11 at the beginning of the movie

Car 11

Car 11 immediately before it explodes.

Car 11 is a racecar in the film The Final Destination. The car was only seen briefly in Nick's premonition of a horrible accident at McKinley Speedway.


In the middle of the crash Car 11 collided with another car and cAR 11 heads straght for Jonathan Groves and kills him and the driver. Towards the end of the crash, Car 11 is sitting in the stadium on fire after it crashed on the cement stairs. After a brief moment, the car explodes, killing the driver, as well as Lori, George and Nick.

Although this only happens in Nick's vision, it can be assumed that the driver of Car 11 still dies, even though Nick, George, Lori don't.


  • Nick picks up a sheet paying respect to the NASCAR racers who have died in the past.
  • Nick sees a man wearing a shirt that states Life's a bitch & Then You Die. Any Questions?
  • Nick feels a strong gust of wind brush past him.
  • The section of the stadium Nick and his friends are in is section 180.