Car 39

Car 39 losing control.

Car 39

Car 39 explodes.

Car 39 is a race car in the film The Final Destination. It is one of the cars briefly seen during Nick's premonition of the accident that occurs at McKinley Speedway.


During the crash, Car 39 begins to swerve out of control on the runway in an attempt to stop. An unknown car drives through a set of smoke and slams into Car 39 from the right side, incinerating it beyond recognition and killing the driver.


  • Nick picks up a sheet paying respect to the NASCAR racers who have died in the past.
  • Nick sees a man wearing a shirt that states Life's a bitch & Then You Die. Any Questions?
  • Nick feels a strong gust of wind brush past him.
  • The section of the stadium Nick and his friends are in is section 180.

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