Car 6 crashing

Car 6 beginning to crash.

Car crashing

Car 6 on fire, and flying into the stands.

''That's the car that's gonna crash!''
-Nick O'Bannon

Car 6 is a race car in The Final Destination known for being one of the causes of the giant accident at McKinley Speedway; the other reason is due largely towards Car 45.


While driving down the speedway, Car 45 loses the screwdriver that was stuck in the back of the engine. When Car 6 comes around the track for another lap, it runs over the screwdriver and pops a tire. Unable to maintain control, the driver wounds up flipping the car out of control and it begins to roll down the track, losing various car parts in the process.

A piece of metal flies off Car 6 while flipping through the air and hits Car 29 on the windshield and blows it up. Car 6 is sent spiraling into the stadium, crushing one of the onlookers.


  • Nick picks up a sheet paying respect to the NASCAR racers who have died in the past.
  • Nick sees a man wearing a shirt that states Life's a bitch & Then You Die. Any Questions?
  • Nick feels a strong gust of wind brush past him.
  • The section of the stadium Nick and his friends are in is section 180.
  • When Car 6 goes into the Pit Stop, the car, and two #6 flags make up the number 666.

Final Destination 5

In Final Destination 5, a photo of Roy shows him standing next to Car 6 at one point in his life.