Carlo is a character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. He is Merlot's personal Italian assistant and one of the fatalities of the Coral Clipper accident. Carlo was usually seen either helping Merlot with her miscellaneous errands or pouring her a glass of wine when she requested it. After Merlot's team of models was hired to introduce a perfume line, Merlot decided to celebrate by hosting a party on her yacht the Coral Clipper, with Carlo serving drinks to the guests. After the ship left the pier, another vessel called the LookSea crashed into the hull and created a massive explosion that caused the ship to sink. After the passengers panicked and nearly trampled Merlot to death when she tried to calm everyone down, she extended an arm for help from Carlo, only to have him kick it away.

However, this was all a dream witnessed by Sherry and hadn't happened yet.


After Sherry saw the premonition, she ran onto the ship and began to warn some of her friends to get off the ship, even trying to get Merlot to leave. However, she only managed to convince Chablis, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Rose to get off. Carlo politely offered Sherry a drink before she left, but she simply took one of the drinks and splashed it in his face, leaving him baffled. After the ship left the pier, the LookSea plowed into it just as Sherry predicted, and the ship sank and killed everyone on board.

In a dream she had while in a coma, Sherry sees Carlo and Merlot in an audience during a beauty contest, sitting next to Death. After staring at Carlo for a moment, she notices his skin is suddenly pale, his tie is actually seaweed, and his lips had been eaten away by fish. Sherry suddenly realizes that everyone in the dream is really dead, indicating that he and Merlot did not survive the sinking.


  • The name of the Pier the yacht departs from is Pier 13.
  • Shiraz feels the wind go cold shortly before getting off.

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