Carolina Lavirra is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. She is the mother of Danny Lavirra and the girlfriend of Roberto Diaz who works at Merlin's Tower as a housekeeper. After Danny's father left shortly after he was born, Carolina met Roberto and they quickly started dating. However, due to Roberto's drinking habits, her boyfriend was notorious for physically assaulting her and leaving her with bruises, such as a black eye and in one case a few broken ribs. Eventually his drinking got out of control, and he wound up beating her son to death (presumably after he said something spiteful to him). Carolina found her son's body and after screaming incessantly, someone in the apartment complex called the cops. Still upset over his death, Detective Ackerman and his partner Detective Montoya questioned her to see what happened. Despite informing her of numerous domestic disturbance calls, Carolina told them that they were all nothing. She then informed them that Roberto had a habit of "disciplining" Danny due to his behavior, and that he had a habit of drinking as well. Nevertheless, she still defended him, and stuck with her story that whatever Roberto did was all to make Danny a "better person."

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