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Clear Rivers
Portrayed By
First Seen
Last Seen
Final Destination 5
(Closing credits)
Full Name
Clear Marie Rivers
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
124 lbs.
Cause of Death
Incinerated in an oxygen explosion
High School Student (Formerly)
Mr. Rivers-Father; Deceased
Mrs. Rivers-Mother
Alex Browning-Boyfriend; Deceased
Kimberly Corman-Friend;
Alexander Browning-Son
(alternative ending)

How do we know that is isn't exactly what was meant to happen? That out of everyone on Flight 180 you, me and Carter were meant to live. Maybe that was the design all along.

Clear, on Death's design.

Clear Rivers is the deuteragonist of Final Destination and the tritagonist of Final Destination 2. She was a senior student of Mt. Abraham High, and was one of the students aboard Volée Airlines Flight 180. Aside from William Bludworth, Clear is the only character to have a significant role in more than one film in the series.

Clear was the seventh and final survivor of Flight 180 to die.


Life became shit after that. My mom couldn't deal anymore. She married this asshole who my mom with my real dad would have crossed the street to avoid this guy.

Clear, on her family.

Clear Rivers was born on September 5, 1982, to a couple from Mt. Abraham, New York. Her biological mother died during childbirth, and her father married another woman. Clear was very close to her father and they would often stay at a cabin in the woods, and go fishing. However, one day Clear's father was murdered at a 7-Eleven store, and Clear's stepmother took another husband.

Clear's new parents often neglected her, so she decided to move out and live on her own. Unaware of her troubled past, the other students at Mt. Abraham High School found her mysterious and weird. Clear was one of the students qualified to board Volée Airlines Flight 180 for the school's annual field trip to Paris, France.

Final Destination

When Alex Browning warns the other passengers that the plane will explode, Clear is the only one that believes him, and quickly leaves before the plane explodes, along with five others.
Fd2 clear at airport

Clear at the airport.

At the memorial service, Clear is the only one that thanks Alex for saving her life, and presents him with a rose to show her gratitude. After Tod Waggner's death, Alex visits Clear and expresses his concern that Death is still be after them. This is confirmed when the pair visit mortician William Bludworth, who tells them that Death is claiming the lives of those who were meant to die on the plane.
Clear (2)

Clear, noticing the same prediction on Alex.

The next day, Alex and Clear discuss what the mortician said at a cafe, where they witness Terry Chaney's death. After Valerie Lewton's death the remaining survivors reunite to discuss what to do while driving through town. After learning he is next on Death's list Carter Horton attempts to kill himself by stalling his car on railroad tracks. His car is nearly smashed by an oncoming train, but Alex saves him and the last minute, and Death moves onto  Billy Hitchcock, who is killed shortly after. Clear is later attacked by Death, and is trapped in her car which is surrounded by livewires. Alex arrives in time to save Clear, and grabs the wire, electrocuting himself, but allowing Clear to escape the car before it explodes. Six months later, Clear, Alex, and Carter travel to Paris to celebrate their survival, believing they have finally cheated Death. However, after Alex narrowly cheats Death, he and Clear witness Carter being crushed to death by a large sign, revealing Death's plan is still in action.

Final Destination 2


Clear in her padded cell.

In the space between the first film and this film, Alex had been killed by a loose brick, and Clear is revealed to be the only Flight 180 survivor left. She had locked herself inside the Stonybrook Mental Institution to protect herself from Death, until a car pileup happened and a survivor named Kimberly Corman asks for Clear's help in cheating death. Clear refuses at first, not wanting to risk her life for a stranger, but she soon realizes after the first death of a survivor of Route 23 that she has no choice and that innocent people would die if she stayed locked up.

After Tim Carpenter's demise, Clear escapes the asylum and decides to help Kimberly. She revisited Bludworth, along with Kimberly and Officer Thomas Burke, who tells them that the only sure-fire way to cheat Death is via new life. This lead them to believe that if Isabella Hudson has her baby, it could break the chain and give all of them a clean slate.

While Isabella was taken into custody, The survivors are gathered in Thomas' apartment. Clear tried to explain to them how to evade Death, though none of the other survivors believe her, and they all leave, with the exception of Rory. After witnessing Nora being decapitated, the survivors are convinced, and She and the other survivors rush to the hospital after learning that Isabella has gone into labor.

As the group races to reach Isabella, they discover that they were all spared from Death once before because of the events set into motion by the survivors of Flight 180. The vehicle suffers a blowout, causing it to crash, and Eugene Dix is taken to the hospital for a severe injury.

After Kat Jenning's and Rory Peter's are killed, Clear, Kimberly, and Thomas arrive at the hospital. Clear goes to find Eugene, while Kimberly and Thomas find Isabella. They learn that she and her baby are alive, however in Kimberly's vision, it is revealed that Isabella wasn't meant to die in crash.



Clear finally meets her demise when she is about to be incinerated.

In Eugene's room, the air vents close and two oxygen tanks start leaking. Something falls over and knocks into one of Eugene's life support machines, pulling its plug nearly out of the socket. The socket sparks because of the oxygen but doesn't ignite yet. Clear rushes to Eugene's room and opens the door which knocks the plug completely out of the socket, which sparks and ignited the oxygen around Clear and Eugene, incinerating them.

Clear rivers

Clear's body after the explosion.

Kimberly and Thomas see the fire from further down the corridor, and rush to Clear and Eugene. But before they get there, the hospital room explodes, hurling Clear's body out of the room and over Kimberly and Thomas's heads. Kimberly and Thomas duck to the floor, and when they get to their feet, the whole corridor is burning and Clear's charred body is laying at their feet.


Eugene Dix and Clear Rivers Death Scene - Final Destination 2 (Premonição 2) HD02:35

Eugene Dix and Clear Rivers Death Scene - Final Destination 2 (Premonição 2) HD

Clear and Eugene's Death

  • Kimberly told Clear, "In my opinion, you're already dead."
  • Every time Clear was nearly killed, it always had something to do with explosions:
    • The mortician tells Clear that she has such a fire in her.
    • Clear previously hit a teen for smoking at a gas station.
    • When Alex is using a cigarette lighter, there's a spark which looks like lightning.
    • Clear saw someone drop a tank of propane.
    • In the opening credits of Final Destination 2, there's a mask with black ink on its face. It's like it was burned, implicating Clear's death in which it shows how her skin was burnt.
    • After Flight 180 blows up, behind Clear was an orange and red picture which might have echoed the explosion.
    • Clear was originally supposed to die from an explosion while on board Flight 180,  and from an explosion in her car, if it weren't for the intervention of Alex.
    • The reason for Clear's death through an explosion might be Death mimicking the Flight 180 explosion, the disaster where Clear was originally supposed to die on.
  • She is also nearly killed while in Thomas Burke's apartment when a canoeing boat falls and nearly impales her, and throws her out the window that the canoe hit.
  • In the Flight 180 seat configuration, Clear was seated in "Seat 23", a nod of Route 23.
  • In some versions of the film, the coloration of her death scene is warm (red, orange and yellow).
  • Ironically, Eugene Dix, who died with her in the blast, was the sixth survivor of Route 23 to die, while Clear herself was the seventh Flight 180 survivor to die, and the seventh to die in the second movie.



  • Clear Rivers is referenced in the opening credits of Final Destination 5 by her charred body smashing into the screen.
  • Clear was the first last survivor to die to not be a visionary. The second one was Thomas Burke, and the third was Nathan Sears from Final Destination 5. Chronologically, Clear would be the second one and Nathan would be the first.
  • In the book and her alternate death, Clear smiles before the explosion, and her final thoughs are: "It's over. At least I can rest now."
  • Kirsten Dunst was one of the first choices to play Clear Rivers. Craig Perry confirmed that they also nearly cast Jessica Biel for the role.
  • The way Clear looks and acts changes between films. In the first film she dresses more like a 'good girl' and has has brown hair. She is also a lot more caring and nicer in the first film. In the second film she has changed due to her previous experiences. She still has her hair dyed blond since the events in Paris and Carter's death, but now she wears more bad girl outfits and she has a more of a mean attitude.
  • She's one of the many people who appear in the opening credits of The Final Destination.
  • In the alternate ending of Final Destination, Alex saves Clear from the wire that was meant to explode the car she was in, and instead from being electrocuted and passed out, he was caught on fire, and died. Since he was killed despite the design he was supposed to die in, they defeated death, leaving Carter and her to live the rest of their lives. A while later, she was revealed pregnant, and successfully delivered her child. The newborn boy had a small collar, written "Alexander Chance Browning" meaning Alex is the supposed father of the child. She then brings her baby to the memorial in which she meets Carter, and both of them payed their recognitions to Alex.
  • The Direction Commentary for Final Destination reveals that the name "Kimberly" was originally considered for Clear, but wasn't used. This name was later used for the main character in Final Destination 2.
  • An unused ending (mentioned on the Direction Commentary) for Final Destination would have had Clear as the last person alive, but still pregnant and it would have been implied that Death spared her because she had "an innocent soul" within her. However, once the baby is born, the "shadow" that represents Death in Final Destination would be seen in the same room as Clear, implying that now that she's had the baby, Death is allowed to kill her again, and the movie would have ended, leaving the viewer to guess what happens.
  • In the script of Final Destination, she is described as: The loner in the group, Clear wears dark colors against the insecurity of her sex appeal. She appears aloof and more wordly than the other students.
  • In the script of Final Destination 2, she is described as: CLEAR RIVERS, 17, While still beautiful, this young woman bears few traces of her former self. Her eyes dart around suspiciously, maddened by chronic paranoia. Her hair is patchy, her eyes dark and haunted. Bordering on savage. Her movements are fidgety, erratic, always distracted by something unseen.

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