Dr. Coburn is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. She is a doctor who works at Valley Hospital Medical Center. After Allie and the other Merlin's Tower survivors narrowly avoided death when the van they were riding in almost crashed into a tanker, Dr. Coburn cleaned them up and provided them with clothing before telling them that Tom and Shawna were doing fine and only had minor injuries. She also informed Detective Ackerman that his partner was in serious condition (the traffic light was inches away from severing her in half) and that the two officers escorting them were in critical condition, and might not make it. Before leaving Dr. Coburn handed Ackerman the phone number for Mrs. Barker, who was taking care of Shawna's cats.

Later, after running an HIV test on all of the survivors, Dr. Coburn called Allie (who was the only survivor of the van incident left; the others died in haphazard accidents) to tell her that she was infected with a strong, possibly mortal case of HIV, after Officer Murphy's blood got into her system.

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