Coral Clipper was a yacht owned by Pier Merlot in Miami, Florida that sank in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill.

How the boat sank

A man named Horace Fischer was driving his cigarette speedboat, the LookSea, out in the harbor of Pier 13. While driving, he was momentarily distracted by one of the models on the yacht waving at him. As he waved back at her, he noticed a large manatee rise to the surface of the water and steers out of its way to avoid hitting it. In the process, he collides into the Coral Clipper and plows through the starboard side, rupturing the hull and igniting the fuel supply. The resulting explosion damages the ship enough to make it sink into the water shortly after leaving the harbor, dragging nearly all of the passengers and crew along with it.

Death toll: Unknown, although many articles stated everyone still on board perished.


  • The name of the Pier the yacht departs from is Pier 13.
  • Shiraz feels the wind go cold shortly before getting off.


Known Casualties

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