Dan Hoffman is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is one of the terrorists who conspired with Sean Reilly and Leon Khalid to set a bomb inside the South Hill Metroline train station in order to extort the authorities for several millions of dollars. Hoffman was recently a member of a terrorist cell based out of Montana called the Aryan Nation, up until he got the leader of the cell's daughter pregnant and then have a back street abortion. After the abortionist accidentally gave her peritonitis, and after the abortionist was murdered in a firebombing, Hoffman went off the radar. Eventually he found Khalid and Reilly and took part in the bombing of South Hill Metroline in order to receive a large sum of cash.


During a shootout at a bonded warehouse at the airport, Hoffman and his band of terrorists began to assault the raiding police forces to prevent themselves from being captured. As Hoffman was hiding behind a wall for cover, he creeped too far out for cover, making it possible for a SWAT officer to gun him down with his MP5.

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