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Devil's Flight
Devil's Flight過山車
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Final Destination 5
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Devil's Flight
Roller coaster

Devil's Flight is the doomed corkscrew roller-coaster in McKinley, Pennsylvania, that derailed in Final Destination 3 sometime in May or June of 2005. Devil's Flight is the only opening disaster in the franchise with more survivors than casualties.


A section of the hydraulics on one of the pipes underneath the coaster had begun to leak, which ruptured before the ride started. As the ride progressed, the pipe began to rattle and jar loose. While going through a loop, Frankie Cheeks had his camera knocked out of his hand by Ashlyn Halperin, which wrapped around the tracks. The coaster ran over the camera, which severed the hydraulic line, in turn disconnecting the coaster.

Still in motion, the coaster began to tear apart, losing its wheels and important bars and other mechanisms that made the coaster work properly, and causing the riders' safety restraints to fail. People scream with horror as they try to hang on. Sparks belch out where the wheels broke away. When the coaster arrived to a sharp turn in the middle of the ride, half of the coaster detached and jumped the tracks, killing Carrie Dreyer, Jason Wise, Ashley Freund, Ashlyn, Frankie, and five others.

Lewis Romero being thrown out of his seat.

Lewis Romero was thrown out of his seat and held onto the coaster for dear life, as it went through several more loops. He fell off, and was narrowly saved by Kevin Fischer. However, a portion of the coaster fell apart and knocked Lewis off, sending him flying into a portion of the tracks where he died of blunt force trauma, breaking his spine. The coaster continued to fall apart and stayed in motion up until it reached a large loop and was suspended upside-down. Erin Ulmer and Ian McKinley tried to hang on, but were unable to, and Ian fell to his death, where Erin followed him afterwards. They fall to their deaths as they scream. Two unseen characters (later revealed to be Perry Malinowski and Julie Christensen) fell off as well, screaming. Perry and Julie's bodies thud on the pavement.

Kevin and Wendy Christensen attempt to get the coaster out of the loop by rocking it backwards by slamming their bodies in the opposite direction. They succeed, but in the process, Kevin gets his coat stuck on the coaster and can't sit down and as the coaster goes backwards, a dislodged pipe severs Kevin in half. Wendy screams in horror and lies on the coaster crying when it hits a dislodged part of the track and jackknives. Wendy is thrown off the coaster and falls, screaming onto another part of the track.

It is then revealed that the derailment was a vision of Wendy's, and the roller coaster is still at its station. She panics and manages to get seve
The rollercoaster

Wendy in panic after her vision.

ral of the students off when a large fight ensues. Ashley and Ashlyn gets off the ride followed by Frankie who is videotaping them. Jason sees this and attempts to leave the coaster, but they didn't get his attention due from the fight. However, the passengers force the workers to start the ride.

After security brings Wendy and the students outside, the ride starts. Wendy notices Jason is still in the roller coaster. Panicked, She begins to freak out and tell the attendants to stop the ride, but is taken outside. After she and Kevin were taken outside by the security, the roller coaster crashes, killing Jason, Carrie and five others as Kevin watches in horror and Wendy cries.

Death toll: 7


  • There is a plot hole as to how the coaster crashed, since the primary cause was Frankie's camera. Since Frankie got off the coaster, it would've taken longer for the coaster to detach and crash, or it should not have crashed at all.
  • However, this can be disproven as Frankie's camera only aided in rupturing the hydraulics further, which in consequence, only contributed to the deaths of Lewis, Ian, Erin, Perry, and Julie because their harnesses malfunctioned. They weren't on the ride when it crashed in reality, therefore making Frankie's presence insignificant to the crash and deaths. At 16:03 of the movie, it can be briefly seen that the tracks are indeed broken, as Wendy claimed. Also, and a 'popping' sound is heard, indicating that a portion of the track has been broken, which caused the wheels on the left side to derail. This ultimately killed Jason, Carrie, and the other 5 victims, who were the only ones on the ride.
BrokenTracks 16min03sec

Evidence of the tracks being broken at 16:03

  • Their deaths are shown as the coaster hitting a sharp curve, throwing it off the tracks, just like in Wendy's premonition. Therefore, Frankie's camera had no effect in the amount of time it would take for the roller coaster to crash. The tracks still would have broken in the same place, and still were the cause of the actual derailment, not the camera.
  • Some of the first deaths on the coaster occur when the rear cars detach from the tracks, showing us that they were not secured. If this is the case, how come the remaining cars did not fall when they stalled on the loop?


  • Wendy takes a picture of a ride called HIGH DIVE. The V light goes out the moment she takes the picture, making the letters spell HIGH DI E in the photo.
  • The roller coaster's entrance has a sign reading "No exit after turnstiles. I'll see you soon.", with a picture of a devil next to it. The line "I'll see you soon" is a tagline which is usually said by William Bludworth throughout the first and second movies.
  • Jason promised Wendy he would "meet her at the end" before entering the roller coaster. Jason dies at the start of the movie, and Wendy is hinted to have died at the end.
  • Wendy takes a picture of Jason in front of the roller coaster at the moment one of the coaster cars descends the rails at high speed. The photo makes it look like the cars are heading down to the ground, about to crash.
    • They could also be heading towards Jason, hinting at his death in the disaster.
  • The tracks can be constantly heard creaking as the coaster rolls through them.
  • The name "Devil's Flight" might be a nod to both Death and Flight 180, the opening accident of the first movie.
  • Tony Todd, who portrays William Bludworth in the first two movies, voices the roller coaster announcer who says the line "You may never return from Devil's Flight."
  • Before the ride, Jason tells Wendy that "the real fear of these rides comes from having no control."
  • The opening credits of the movie highlight several park attractions as its main visual theme.




  • Amber Regan was on the Devil's Flight in the original script, but this storyline was abandoned.
  • Ethan and Harry were going to ride on the Devil's Flight with two friends, but the attendant kicked them out.
  • The opening credits for Final Destination 5 reference the derailing by having parts of the coaster cars fall on the screen.
    • Additionally, Olivia Castle and her friend once rode Devil's Flight at some point, having acquired a picture of herself and her friend in front of the attraction, with a tagline that reads "the scariest roller coaster".
  • Veronica was going to ride on the Devil's Flight with her boyfriend Lewis Romero, but the attendant stops her from entering the roller coaster station.
    • The reason of Veronica didn't get on the Devil's Flight, was seen in a deleted scene: Lewis couldn't find his pass, so he took Veronica's pass and got on the roller coaster. It's unknown whatever the scene consider canon.
    • However, there was another reason given in the novel: Veronica didn't get on the Devil's Flight was because she couldn't enter the station with the bears that Lewis had won.

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