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Jeremy - Roommate; Deceased
Gino - Roommate; Deceased

Dreena is a character in the comic Final Destination: Spring Break. She is a survivor of the Hotel Grand Tzolk explosion and is roommates with Gino and Jeremy. After Katie and Kris died in gruesome, haphazard accidents, Carly Hagan and her friends go over to another hotel and find Dreena and her roommates. Dreena and her friends were sitting in front of Carly on the plane ride and they told her that they heard her commotion about the premonition and decided to leave. Carly looked at her list and realized that they were the next ones to die, Gino being the first. After exploring Mayan ruins, Gino and a few others go scuba diving, only for an eel to bite down on Gino's oxygen tank, which sends him through the glass floor of the boat and causes a shard of glass to go in his mouth.

Dreena is the fourth survivor of the Hotel Grand Tzolk explosion to die.


After the accident, Dreena and her friends decided to leave Cancún, walking along a jet bridge. As they were on it, a forklift driver has a heart attack and loses control of the vehicle, driving erratically. While talking to Sue Flanders, she is abruptly impaled through the back by one of the forks and dies. The resulting crash causes the entire bridge to collapse, and Dreena loses her footing before she plummets to the ground to her death, breaking her neck and fracturing her skull.


  • The plane Dreena rode to Cancún was number 1188.
  • The plane the group intended to take to New York was Air Antigua - Flight 180.
  • Right before being impaled, Sue bids the group goodbye, finishing with "But at least now I know you'll be in a better place..."
  • DreenaDeath

    Dreena falls off the jet bridge.

    The forklift number was 1188.
  • After the deaths at the airport, Carly opens her laptop in the hotel room and is horrified to discover a diagram showing a forklift crashing into a jet bridge.

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