Ed Romero is a character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. He is an employee of New York City's Department of Public Works and the partner of Phil. As Romero was looking for a break in the sewer main system, he radioed his partner that he found it, just before he warned him that the tunnels were beginning to flood due to a storm. Trotting through the sludge, Romero reached the ladder leading to the main streets of the city and pushed the manhole cover open after climbing the ladder and unlocking the drain lid. As he arrived onto the street, the rain splashing on his face startled him to a point where he dropped the key that was supposed to lock the manhole cover back up. Swearing, Romero left the sewer to quickly find a spare key in his truck so he could lock up the cover. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to lock it before Brut stumbled down the open cover and into the sewers.

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