Esperanza Gutierrez
Portrayed By
Full Name
Esperanza Gutierrez
Also Known As
Cancun, Mexico
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Incinerated in a hotel explosion
Carly Hagan; Unknown
Bryan; Deceased
Jake; Deceased
Matt; Deceased
Amanda; Deceased
Katie; Deceased
Kris; Deceased

Esperanza Gutierrez is a character in the comic Final Destination: Spring Break. She is one of the fatalities in the Hotel Grand Tzolk explosion. Riding along the plane with Carly Hagan and her friends from MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Gutierrez escorts all of them over to the hotel so they can host a birthday party for Carly and to book their rooms. As she is eating dinner with Carly, she is called up to stage to perform for the audience. Just as she begins to sing and Carly blows out her candle, the entire hotel explodes and kills hundreds of people inside.

Luckily, this was only a premonition witnessed by Carly.


After witnessing the premonition, Carly wakes up and realizes she's still on the plane. She desperately tries to tell people that the hotel will explode and tries to get into a different one, but Gutierrez tells her that the rest of them have been booked. When she calms down, they go to the hotel, and Gutierrez is called up to stage like in Carly's dream. Before she blows out her candle, Carly creates a fit and asks for all of her friends to leave, with Gutierrez still inside. Suddenly, the hotel explodes, and Gutierrez is one of the casualties who died in the blast.


  • In Carly's bedroom, a CD reading Blast Off can be seen on the bed.
  • During the plane ride, Carly looks out the window and sees one of the plane engines belch flames.
  • When the plane lands, Carly is woken up by Bryan, who manages to say "Wake up, Carly! You can sleep when you're..." before being cut off.
  • While the passengers disembark, the plane pilot announces "... We hope you enjoy your stay in Cancun, or wherever your final destination might be..."
  • While doodling, Carly draws the path taken by the fire that caused the explosion.
  • During the bus ride to the hotel, Carly is shocked when a partier in a skeleton costume presses up against her window.
  • The Towering Inferno is playing on a television in Carly's room.
  • A hotel employee finds a patron tampering with a fire alarm.
  • The MGM Grand Hotel, a Las Vegas hotel that was destroyed by a fire, is mentioned by a partier in the showroom.
  • While going through the airport, Jake yells "Come on, babe. Destiny awaits!" to Carly.
  • While with Carly in the airport, Bryan states "I don't know what to say, Carly... to convince everyone, I mean... the gang's in party-hardy, not fire-and-brimstone mode."
  • When Carly asks her friends if they'll give her anything for her birthday wish, Jake says "Fire away, babe."