Final Destination: End of the Line
Author Rebecca Levene
Publication date June 7, 2005
Published by Black Flame
ISBN 1844161765
Publication Order
Preceded by
Final Destination: Destination Zero
Followed by
Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand

Final Destination: End of the Line is a novel by Rebecca Levene released in 2005 and the third Black Flame spin-off book.

Official Summary

An awesome new series of chillers inspired by the smash hit movie series.

A group of international students are expecting to live the wild life on a cultural exchange trip to New York, but soon find themselves the only survivors of a horrific subway crash. A young doctor treating the victims tells the students that they were meant to have died in the wreck but they just dismiss it as an idle fantasy. When the group start dying in bizarre and grotesque ways, it slowly becomes apparent that darker forces are at play.

Nobody rides for free and these kids are going to pay with their lives!

No one cheats Death.

Main Characters

  • Daniel King: A Californian high-school graduate and the twin brother of Louise King. The main protagonist, Danny is the one who saw the vision of the train crash in the story. The seventh to die, Danny is sent hurtling into a ravine after the brakes on his motorbike are cut.
  • Louise King: A Californian cross-country bike rider and the twin sister of Danny King who joins him on his college trip to New York City. She inadvertently causes his death.
  • James Barker: A snobby and obnoxious college student from England. The sixth to die, he was impaled all over the body by sharp umbrellas after his arm was ripped off.
  • Bodil Raden: A pot-head college student from Denmark who has a crush on James. The fifth to die, she was impaled all over the body by sharp umbrellas.
  • Mary-Beth Bradbury: An elderly woman who hosted the college trip and lost her baby after a hit-and-run from her husband. The fourth to die, she was brutally chopped to pieces by a flailing chainsaw.
  • Jack Cohen: An elderly Jewish man nearly a century old who was ready to accept his fate with Death. The third to die, he accidentally pulled out part of his brain after he fell on a corkscrew that impaled him in the eye.
  • Peter Hoffman: An extremely religious college student from Germany who lost his mother during child birth. The second to die, he was impaled in the chest by gazelle horns.
  • Rinoka Aratsu: A party-going college student from Japan who's into anime and the underground life. The first to die, she was crushed by a falling bathtub in the hospital.
  • Kate Shelley: A nurse in medical school who recklessly died during a session of Sux racing with her friends, but came back to life. She became a servant of Death and wound up causing the deaths of every survivor of the train crash in the novel, except for Danny's. She kills herself by stabbing herself with a syringe after finding out she caused everyone's death, and in order to save Danny.
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