Final Destination 3 deleted scenes are some footage which were filmed for the movie, but were not used in the final cut.

Common deleted scenes

Police Station

Characters Involved: Wendy and Kevin
Featured On: Final Destination 3 DVD
Summary: After Wendy and Kevin left the police station, they talked on their way to the car park.

Extended deleted scenes

Lewis's girlfriend

Characters Involved: Lewis and Veronica
Featured On: Final Destination 3 DVD
Summary: When Lewis and his girlfriend Veronica went to the Devil's Flight, Lewis couldn't found his pass, so he took Veronica's pass, and told her to stay at the entrance.

Alternate deleted scenes

Ashley's and Ashlyn's alternate death

Ashley's and Ashlyn's alternate death

Characters Involved: Wendy, Ashley and Ashlyn
Featured On: Choose Their Fate
Summary: The scene goes out as normal but Ashlyn puts the temperature a bit higher than it was in the releashed version. When Wendy calls them Ashlyn realizes that she has set the temperature very high. She gets out of the tanning bed only to get whacked in the head by the wood. Ashley struggles to get free, but can't until Ashlyn wakes back up. When Ashlyn grabs Ashley's hand, the bed breaks and instead of a fire igniting, they are electrocuted by the current.

Kevin saves Frankie Alternate Scene

Frankie survives

Characters Involved: Wendy, Kevin and Frankie
Featured On: Choose Their Fate
Summary: By having Wendy choose to honk the horn again at the drive-thru, an alternate scene is played where Frankie turns around and sees Wendy and Kevin. Kevin manages to pull Frankie to safety. In the next scene, he is being carted off in a stretcher, happily declaring he is going to sue for what happened and became rich.

Frankie and Lewis extended scenes at school

Frankie and Lewis at school

Characters Involved: Frankie, Lewis, Ashley and Ashlyn
Featured On: Stills
Summary: Frankie visited his old school after the Devil's Flight crush because of derailment, and he talked to Ashley and Ashlyn. Lewis was sat behind the girls, and possibly had lines.
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You Can't Cheat (Alternative Ending)

You Can't Cheat Death Ending

Characters Involved: Kimberly Corman, Wendy Christensen, Kevin Fischer, Julie Christensen and Thomas Burke
Featured On: Final Destination 3
Summary: This ending defends what Bludworth said to Alex and Clear and is that what ever you do you can't cheat. So all characters who thought had cheated death die: Kim and Tom are killed by a woodchipper and Wendy, Julie and Kevin are confirmed to have died on the train.

Cheating Death (Alternate beginning and ending)

Cheating Death (Alternate Beggining and Ending)

Characters Involved: Wendy, Kevin, Carrie and Jason
Featured On: Final Destination 3
Summary: Wendy has the premonition before she and her friends enter Devil's Flight she draggs them out and saves them.Wendy indirectly killed at least 4 more people who took Kevin's, Carrie's, Jason's and her seat and now they have that people's life.