Portrayed By
Full Name
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Incinerated in helicopter explosion
Law enforcement officer in Cancún
Sue Flanders - partner; Deceased
Carly Hagan; Unknown
Jake; Deceased
Bryan; Deceased
Matt; Deceased
Amanda; Deceased
Katie; Deceased
Kris; Deceased

Garcia is killed in the helicopter explosion.

Detective Garcia-Garcia is a character in the comic Final Destination: Spring Break. He is a law enforcement officer in Cancún and is partners with Sue Flanders. Garcia and Flanders were the first two officers at the scene of the Hotel Grand Tzolk explosion, where they interrogate Carly Hagan, one of the patrons who witnessed the explosion in a premonition. They asked her whether or not she knew anything about the accident beforehand and if she was a terrorist, before telling her she and her friends had to stay in the city for a few days. He later appeared with Flanders after Kris was gutted by a motorboat's propeller, where he showed her photos of his corpse to identify his body. Carly begins to worry once he sees the Mayan logo she drew on a piece of paper and believes it's connected with the hotel explosion. Garcia simply tells her it was just a coincidence, considering how old the boat was.

Garcia later showed up at Carly's hotel shortly after Dreena, Flanders, and Jeremy died and told her that communication outside of the city was impossible due to the impending hurricane and weather. After he saw the diagram of the forklift accident that caused Dreena and Jeremy's deaths, Garcia believes some kind of force is out to get the rest of the survivors and he agrees to find a way to transport the remaining survivors home.


Garcia-Garcia arrives to the hotel in a Coast Guard helicopter, ready to land the chopper on the roof in order to pick up Jake, Bryan, and Carly (by then Matt and Amanda had already been claimed by Death). After landing on the heliport, Jake makes his move and dashes towards the chopper. However, the hurricane begins to blow towards the chopper and it abruptly swings out of control, the blades hacking Jake to pieces. Unable the control the chopper, Garcia-Garcia and the pilot are killed when the chopper flies into the hotel and explodes.


  • Garcia is constantly seen wearing a Cross.
  • After Carly spills a glass of water, the liquid forms the Mayan symbol that has appeared throughout the comic.
  • The chopper call-sign was 1188.

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