Biography Edit

Greg Quail Rutpor is the boyfriend of Christine Weqty, he is the 9th survivor of the London Eye Collapse to die.

Final Destination 6 Edit

Jane got a call from her best friend, Shaine. After meeting with Shaine in the airport, Jane tells Shaine that she had a crush on Mark. As soon then, Mark touches her shoulder. After seeing Mark, she kisses him putting them in a relationship. As soon as more of their friends came. They went to the plane and takeoff. After unpacking their luggages on their hotel rooms. They visit the London Eye, Encountering a long line, Jane had a premonition of the ferris wheel collapse. Jane then tells the worker to not start the next spin. This made the worker angry, kicking them off from the ride. When they went to a double-decker bus, they saw the London Eye collapsing as Jane predicted. Back to Philippines, Jane start to see

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Greg in his room

omens of someone's gonna die. Jane and Mark went to Roast's house and saw him struggling. When they save Roast, they saw that Roast is still in danger, when trails connect, and one of the trail has electricity on it. Roast is electrocuted. After Roast's death, they failed to save Eric, then failed to save Rex, and failed to save Joy. When they found out that Julia is next, they went to the car wash were Julia and John are. But they failed to save Julia but they succeeded to save John, and Shaine. Thinking they cheated Death. Shaine went to an eye surgery so she will not wear glasses anymore, when Jane saw horrible news about John's death. Jane start to see omens. Jane tell Shaine and her friends that they still not cheated Death, resulting of Shaine's death. This causes a reaction of Christine's death then Greg's death.

Death Edit

After Shaine and Christine's deaths, Greg walked out from the scene, didn't know in the middle of the road. He is hit by a speeding car.

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One of Greg's bones that broke from the impact.

Signs/Clues Edit

  • At the premonition, Greg is hit by Jane and Mark's cart.
    • Jane had a short premonition of a eye surgery grappling hook, a blower fan (Shaine's death), a bloody car window (Christine's death), a speeding car, and a parasol launched by an explosion. (Mark's death).

Trivia Edit

  • Greg's death is similar from Terry Chaney and George Lanter's deaths. All of them is hit by something moving fast.
  • Greg is a mixture of George Lanter and Nora Carpenter. His loved one (his girlfriend, Christine Weqty) die earlier than him just like George's wife and son and Nora's son, Tim Carpenter. And he will accept the fate that he will die. Actually, he should probably thank Death because he's death is fast not slow and painful.

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