Hector Barnes is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is a survivor of the Mornington Crescent accident and is a professor in Egyptology, teamed up along with his partners Andrew Caine and Jane Stanley. Hector, along with his partners, Bill Sangster, Matthew Upton, Stewart Tubbs and Juliet Collins, attend a séance at Madame Adrienne's house. As they are about to begin, Juliet has a terrible vision of the house catching on fire and exploding due to gas from an underground construction site igniting with the fire from the house's boiler. After freaking out, Bill and Matthew agree to leave the séance, which persuades the others to leave as well, knowing that if Juliet is merely hallucinating, they can come back another night. As soon as they leave, the house explodes, just at Juliet predicted. Hector and his partners aren't mentally damaged by the incident, and continue their Egyptian research, eager to collect a sarcophagus from the port.

Hector is the second survivor of the Mornington Crescent accident to die.


Hector, Jane and Andrew are inside of Jane's house shortly after collecting a sarcophagus that appeared a few days after the explosion. While Jane tells her butlers Fitch and Jensen to give her some personal time inside her chamber, Hector gets a crowbar and pries open the sarcophagus along with Caine. Hector extends a hand and begins to caress the eye sockets of the mummy, shortly before he stiffened. Hector looks at his wrist and screams; a cobra has latched onto his arm. The cobra wraps itself around Hector's arm after biting him and Hector dies from the venom.


  • Before leaving the room, Fitch notices what appears to be a puff of black fog emanate from the sarcophagus.
  • After locking the door, Jane tosses the key onto a table. Presumably manipulated by Death, the key, unnoticed by everyone, slides across the table and falls into the shadow of a bookcase.