Hice Pale Ale
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Hice Pale Ale
Alchohol brand

Hice Pale Ale is a fictional brand of alcohol was seen in four of the movies.

In Final Destination 2, a drunk driver driving a Hice Pale Ale Beer truck is seen before the pile-up, in the third movie it drives past the drive-through behind Wendy and Kevin, where it crushes their car against a wall, in the fourth film, the racist was seen drinking Hice Pale Ale, and in the fifth film the group of four survivors is seen drinking some Pale Ale Nathan stole from where he works.

Final Destination 2

Hice Pale Ale

Hice Pale Ale Truck on FD2

A drunk driver drives a Hice Pale Ale Truck that ironically states "drink responsibly" as it drives past Kimberly Corman's SUV.

Final Destination 3

Hice Pale Ale 2

Hice Pale Ale Truck at the back of Wendy and Kevin

The Hice Pale Ale Truck hit the side of the Kevin 's car resulting Wendy and Kevin to go out through the windshield and killing Frankie Cheeks.

The Final Destination

Hice Pale Ale 5

2 cans of Hice Pale Ale that will cause Carter's truck to move.

Hice Pale Ale 3

Carter Daniels drinking Hice Pale Ale Beer

Carter Daniels is drinking Hice Pale Ale beer. It is also the cause why his truck moved.

In Death by Caffeine, a magnet logo of Hice Pale Ale beer is on the fridge/cooler.

Final Destination 5

Hice Pale Ale 4

Nathan holding a stack of Hice Pale Ale beer

The survivors Sam, Nathan, Peter, Olivia and Molly drinks Hice Pale Ale beer where Nathan stole out of the back of Roy's truck.

There is a neon sign for Hice Pale Ale at Cocktails, the bar where Nathan meets his demise.


  • This fictional beer's name (Hice) comes from the stunt coordinator Freddie Hice who did the stunt work for Final Destination.