Final destination 1

       A fan is spinning in the room (this represents the engine of flight 180)

       a wooden doll hangs from the ceiling the shadow makes it look like a hanging (this represents Tod's death)       

       Final destination 2

       a spider is seen crawling on the bed (Japanese believe that Spiders ensnare careless travelers( there was a drunk trucker and the chain snapped from the log truck because of a careless mistake))

       a blade is seen pointed at Kimberly's eye(in a picture) (represents Evan's death)

       due to a obscure positioning a book's title read road rip (hinting the highways pile-up)       

       Final Destination 3

       the ride corkscrew was the name of one roller coaster( the devil's flight is based off that coaster)

       a girl is the swallowing a sword ( represents Lewis's death

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