Carly and her friends witness the hotel explode.

Hotel Grand Tzolk'in is a hotel where an explosion occurred in the comic Final Destination: Spring Break. The resulting explosion killed hundreds of people.

Death Toll: 679


  • In Carly's bedroom, a CD reading Blast Off can be seen on the bed.
  • During the plane ride, Carly looks out the window and sees one of the plane engines belch flames.
  • When the plane lands, Carly is woken up by Bryan, who manages to say "Wake up, Carly! You can sleep when you're..." before being cut off.
  • While the passengers disembark, the plane pilot announces "... We hope you enjoy your stay in Cancun, or wherever your final destination might be..."
  • While doodling, Carly draws the path taken by the fire that caused the explosion.
  • During the bus ride to the hotel, Carly is shocked when a partier in a skeleton costume presses up against her window.
  • The Towering Inferno is playing on a television in Carly's room.
  • A hotel employee finds a patron tampering with a fire alarm.
  • The MGM Grand Hotel, a Las Vegas hotel that was destroyed by a fire, is mentioned by a partier in the showroom.
  • While going through the airport, Jake yells "Come on, babe. Destiny awaits!" to Carly.
  • While with Carly in the airport, Bryan states "I don't know what to say, Carly... to convince everyone, I mean... the gang's in party-hardy, not fire-and-brimstone mode."
  • When Carly asks her friends if they'll give her anything for her birthday wish, Jake says "Fire away, babe."


Known Casualties

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