Special Agent Hotz is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. He is an FBI agent and the partner of Agent McGavin. After the elevator accident at Merlin's Tower, Agent Hotz and Agent McGavin were brought to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Station to interrogate Allie Goodwin-Gaines themselves, since she was the one who saw the premonition of the elevator collapsing. While McGavin hardly said a word, Hotz began to talk to Allie, shortly before it turned into vociferous shouting, implying that she was a terrorist. After screaming for an hour, Hotz interrogated her husband Tom Gaines, suggesting to him that she played a large plot in the crash. Tom unknowingly confessed to him evidence that made it appear like she was a terrorist (especially after mentioning the word) and he advised Tom that he himself could also play a part in the disaster. After asking him to remember anything that would be of any help with the investigation, he warned him and Allie not to leave the city until it was confirmed that the incident was really just an accident.

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