J-Bo is an animal in the novel Final Destination: Dead Reckoning. He is a tortoiseshell tom cat owned by Jessica Golden. J-Bo has been scarred over the years, getting into countless fights with other cats that usually leaves a noticeable scar on his body (Macy noticed his eye and ears had been damaged). When Macy visited Jess's apartment after four survivors of the Club Kitty accident perished, she noticed J-Bo sleeping on a beer crate, looking like he was dead. Jess woke up the cat and cut off the patch of fur that had gum stuck to it before the cat began to purr and rub himself around Macy's ankles. After talking about Marina's death, Jess picked up the cat before he started struggling to get back down, where Jess noticed a fire ensuing. After Jess and her father put out the fire, J-Bo glanced at the still moving A/C unit (which collapsed during the fire) and jumped onto it. He jumped off it when it began to tilt and one of the blades shot out in Macy's direction, nearly impaling her in the head.

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