All I wanted was a tall latte, and instead I lost my best friend.

A tearful Jackie, who mourned her best friend.

Jackie Bissley was in the second year of study at McKinley High School, and she was mentioned on a newspaper which Nick's coffee was spilled on accidentally in The Final Destination. According to the newspaper, Jackie went to a local coffee shop "Grounds For Divorce" with her classmates after school. However, an out of control vehicle which driven by Jason Koffeman had crashed into the coffee shop, and killed three teenagers, including Jackie's best friend.

The newspaper article about the accident:

Afterschool Accident Kills Three Students
Car crashes Through Storefront

MCKINLEY COUNTY (AO)-An out of control vehicle crashed into a local coffee shop yesterday afternoon, killing three teenagers and wounding four more. The wounded were taken to LakeView Hospital, where they are listed in critical condition. The driver, Jason Koffeman, was also admitted for minor injuries before being taken into custody. He has been charged with attempted murder and driving under the influence.

The accident happened at 4:34pm, right after classes ended at nearby McKinley High School. Hundreds of students had made their Grounds For Divorce Coffee Emporium and... and beat him until police arrived and arrested him. Koffeman, a local baseball coach, has had several convictions for driving under the influence and has a suspended license.

The street was littered with coffee cups and bookbags as students mourned the loss of their friends. "All I wanted was a tall latte, and instead I lost my best friend." said a tearful Jackie Bissley, a sophomore from McKinley. She and her classmates had gone to Grounds for their daily afternoon drinks and expecting their lives would change forever.

The owner of Grounds For Divorce feels a.... loss. "Look at it! There's a truck in my store. It's a disaster. And all the blood..." said a weeping Eric Bress as he surveyed the...

By the end of the day, the inter.... was covered with candles....


Jackie was named after the unit publicist of the series.

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