Jane Stanley is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. She is a survivor of the Mornington Crescent accident that occurred in the story. She is also the wife of Sir Norman Stanley and is partners with Hector Barnes and Andrew Caine in their research of Egyptology. While attending a séance at Madame Adrienne's house, along with her partners, one of the attendees, Juliet Collins has a premonition of the house catching on fire and exploding, killing everyone inside. Juliet creates a stir and decides to leave the house along with Bill Sangster, which prompts the other attendees to leave as well, knowing they can come back some other time. After they leave the house, the building explodes, just as Juliet predicted. Jane and her partners are barely fazed by the incident and continue their Egyptian studies, eager to expect a sarcophagus from the harbor.

Jane is the third survivor of the Mornington Crescent accident to die.


Shortly after receiving a sarcophagus, Jane, Hector and Andrew retreat to her private chamber. Jane tells her butlers Fitch and Jensen to lock the door and leave them alone for a while. Jane observes Hector and Andrew pry open the sarcophagus with anticipation and once it opens, Hector begins to caress the mummy. Not a moment later, Hector screams and looks at his wrist, shocked to see that a cobra has just bit him. Jane and Andrew panic and she runs over to the door, shouting at her butlers to unlock the door. As a few cobras get closer to her while she looks for the key, she frantically screams for the butlers to tear down the door, but they are unable to hear her. A cobra suddenly leaps into the air and bites Jane on the tongue. Venom soars through her mouth and her throat begins to convulse, preventing her from breathing or vomiting the snake out. Jane tumbles to the ground and spits out some vomit while the rest clogs her nose and throat. Simultaneously, the venom begins to rush throughout her head as she chokes to death. Eventually, she succumbs to the poison.


  • Before leaving the room, Fitch notices what appears to be a puff of black fog emanate from the sarcophagus.
  • After locking the door, Jane tosses the key onto a table. Presumably manipulated by Death, the key, unnoticed by everyone, slides across the table and falls into the shadow of a bookcase.

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