Jenny is a character in the novel Final Destination: End of the Line. She is a medical student and the main operator of the Sux Racing tournament hosted in a hospital corridor under construction. Jenny and a few of her friends managed to convince Kate Shelley to participate in the contest, where she got to see how the game was played by observing the first contestant. Jenny injected a man with Suxamethonium and he sprinted down the corridor until the drugs took effect and he passed out. Jenny quickly rushed over and attached a ventilator to his mouth, then gave a thumbs-up when she noticed the machine was working. Still apprehensive, Kate jolted her arm away when it was her turn, but Jenny injected her anyway. After Kate sprinted down the corridor and passed out, the oxygen tank jammed and Kate died temporarily. With the help of Doug and the other medical students, Jenny managed to get the tank to work and resuscitated Kate, who woke up screaming after the nightmare she had.

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