Jocelyn is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Reckoning. She is a Filipino woman who attended a concert at Santa Monica shore. After several of the bands were done playing music, Jocelyn split away from the crowd and walked onto the pier, where she was spotted by Eric Prescott shivering from the cold. Eric, unlike his usual demeanor, offered to comfort her by offering his jacket. Jocelyn put on the jacket and began to talk to Eric as he sat up on the railing before the necklace around his head fell down and covered his eyes. Startled, he tried to take it off with both hands, and wound up falling into the water. Jocelyn and a few onlookers rushed over to see if he was alright before she called out his name, where he said he was still alive. Immediately afterwards, he panicked and started to swim to shore, thinking the water was full of sharks. Jocelyn and the others could only watch as Eric doggy-paddled to shore, only for a surfer to crash his metal surfboard into his skull and kill him.

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