Jodi Balfour
M3mi55Sun81rqe143o1 500
Character Woman on the street
Date of Birth Unknown
Origin Cape Town, South Africa
IMDb profile

Jodi Balfour is a South African model and actress best known as one of the Top 12 finalists in the 2008 Miss South Africa pageant.

Jodi is from Cape Town. She studied at the University of Cape Town and completed a BA Honours in Theatre and Performance.

Her hobbies include dancing, singing, Yoga and reading. Jodi also likes to spend time outdoors and enjoys taking part in social sports.

She admires American actress Natalie Portman for her keen interest in learning new languages and travelling to new places. Jodi also believes Natalie Portman leads a healthy, balanced lifestyle and has an effervescent personality and wonderful outlook on life.

Jodi entered the Miss South Africa pageant because she wanted to feel inspired and inspire others on the opportunities and achievements of our country. She is extremely passionate about South Africa and calling the country home fills her with optimism and determination.

She can play the piano and violin, but would now like to learn to play the saxophone.

Since appearing in the Miss South Africa pageant as a finalist she has since become an actress, appearing in such television shows and films as The Philanthropist in Supernatural and Final Destination 5 where she portrays a woman who is going to be  pushed in a street causing her death.

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