Sir Keith Swallow is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is a surgeon who spends most of his time performing autopsies and examining the contents of human bodies. Keith managed to hold a live demonstration of an autopsy in front of three-dozen medical students after he acquired a corpse that succumbed not too long ago. Although upset to find out it was Stewart Tubbs he was carrying, Keith ignored it and proceeded to start his autopsy. He grabbed a scalpel and slowly ran it across his body from his groin to his chest, and broke open his chest cavity by pulling his ribs apart. His insides exposed, Keith grabbed one of Tubbs' lungs and pulled it out, surprised at how wet it was and how much blood was spilling out. Suddenly, Tubbs' heart began to beat faintly, and Keith dropped his scalpel in shock. It turns out that Tubbs was still alive, but not for long. After springing back to life, Tubbs realized he had just been cut open and that his other lung was filling up with blood. Unable to scream for help, Tubbs dies on the operation table, in front of Keith and all of his students.

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