Leon Khalid is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is a terrorist and is responsible for the bombing at South Hill Metroline station. Leon is French Lebanese and a former member of Hamas. He is also known to be a student of al-Zahwari, Bin Laden's right-hand man. Recently, Zahwari issued a fatwa on Khalid after he stole a family fortune that was intended to buy weapons for Bin Laden's faction. Although he escaped unharmed, he never got the money out. Khalid is partners with Dan Hoffman and Sean Reilly, two terrorists who have also angered their terrorist cell and are on the run. Together, they conspired to bomb the train at the station before demanding a ransom of several millions of dollars. However, they never got the money, and their location was soon discovered at the airport.


During a shootout at a bonded warehouse at the airport, Khalid and his band of terrorists began to assault the raiding police forces to prevent themselves from being captured. Khalid ran out of ammo for his AK-47 and stopped shooting to reload. Jim Castle, an ATF officer, took the opportunity to gun down Khalid and shot him four times in the chest.

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