• Ironically, Lewis has the same name as Evan did as his last name in Final Destination 2.
  • The bear on display in the room has the jersey number 54. Lewis had the third death scene after the roller coaster disaster. 54 / 3 = 18. 18 is Lewis's age in the movie. Also, it may be implied that this was connecting to  Flight 180 in Final Destination, since if you add a zero onto 18, it becomes 180.
  • The football players in the room keep chanting "fuck the bruins!". Bruin is the European word for bear, which was the animal on display in the room. Also, it may be implied that it connects to Final Destination, since Europe is where they were flying to.
  • The bruins football team was said to be the only thing that's ever to defeated Lewis under any scenario. It was the bear on display in the room that started the chain reaction of events which lead to his death.

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