Lien is a character in the novel Final Destination: End of the Line. She is a Chinese nurse who works at St. Stephen's hospital and took care of Andrew Williams. Lien was sent over to Andrew's room when it was time for his bath, and she carefully placed the man inside the tub before adding more hot water once Andrew noticed how cold it was inside the room. Lien told Andrew that she had to change Mr. O'Shaunessy's drip pan and quickly left the room, informing him that she'd be back to turn off the water. As Lien began to head back to Andrew's room after taking a short break, she noticed Olivia bringing in a patient who was hemorrhaging at the mouth and convulsing. Rather than dealing with the terminal patient, Lien went over and helped Olivia, unaware that she left the tub running.

After Rinoka died when the overflown tub fell through the floor and crushed her, a distraught Lien was contacted by Danny King and the other survivors to see if she could give them more information about her death. Besides informing them that she left Andrew in the bathtub and got distracted on her way back to check on him, she noticed that his room was colder than usual, even though no windows were open and no one adjusted the thermostat.

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