LookSea is a 42 foot-long cigarette boat owned by a man named Horace Fischer. Upon seeing several episodes of Miami Vice on television, Horace longed to buy a large cigarette boat, and did so to crave attention as he rode out on the water. Hence the reason why he named the boat LookSea. While Horace was riding the boat out in the harbor, gawking all the attention of the people on the beach, he noticed a young model aboard a yacht waving a him. Naturally, he waved back at her. Suddenly, Horace saw a manatee in the water and, in order to avoid ruining his boat and getting a $2,000 fine for killing the cetacean, he swerves out of the way. After avoiding the manatee, he screams and tries to alert the people on the yacht once he sees that his boat is headed directly towards the Coral Clipper. The cigarette boat plows into the yacht at ninety miles an hour, penetrating the starboard side of the yacht, destroying the LookSea, and killing Horace.

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