Lori and Janet in the audience

Love Lays Dying was a popular new movie release in The Final Destination. While it was being shown in Theater 13, a massive explosion occurred due to a construction fire and killed many, but this was only in Nick O'Bannon's premonition. He managed to extinguish the fire in time and prevent the disaster. At the end of The Final Destination, Nick wonders if the real design was for Lori, Janet and himself to be at Death By Caffeine, only to be killed in an accidents moments later. If this is true, Death's plan never intended the Theater 13 explosion to really happen and the premonition was only meant to bring the three survivors together at the end.

The movie was thought of as a chick flick by Nick, it involved action scenes and was shot in 3D.

In one scene of the movie there is a bridge explosion, this is when the construction site explodes causing the disaster in the movie theater.

The poster for Love Lays Dying is that of an eye; a clue from Samantha's death.

Janet was planning on seeing the movie since before the beginning of The Final Destination, she complains about her friends deciding to see a NASCAR race as opposed to going to the cinema (in the script the race took place at night, making this line more believable), later in the movie Janet and Lori both go to see Love Lays Dying after a shopping spree. Nick didn't want to see it.

In the official script, there is an omitted line in which Janet responds to Lori's line "Something's wrong..." with "No kidding. The reviews said this was good."

The final line we hear in Love Lays Dying (in the Theater 13 explosion only) is "I guess this is how I'm gonna be remembered". This corresponds to Nick, in that preventing the explosion is how he will be remembered.