Mandrake is a character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. He is a rap artist and is an acquaintance of Shiraz, whom he met multiple times in his past before. Mandrake and Shiraz are both on the set for a music video, where Shiraz is wearing extremely long hair extensions while sitting inside of the passenger seat of a car. Mandrake is sitting in the driver's seat and the hair is supposed to entangle Mandrake as though they were grabbing him. While shooting the scene, the director shouts for the FX engineer to turn the fan on higher (to make it look like her hair is blowing) but in the process, her hair is caught in the rims (which were really spinning even though the car is fake) and her scalp is slowly torn off her head. Mandrake screams and punches Shiraz away from him as she extends a hand for help and hops out the car. While he is busy trying to recover, the director and FX engineer get into a fight and the wheels turn back on, turning Shiraz's head 180 degrees in the opposite direction and killing her, the sight of which causes Mandrake to vomit.

Sherry later used her death to make it look like Mandrake punched her in her time of need, and he was most likely sued for millions of dollars by her parents and family.

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