Officer Marina Hewlett is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Reckoning. She is a young LAPD officer and is one of the survivors of the Club Kitty accident. Marina plays a vital role in the story, as she is the one who caused the collapse in the first place. Off-duty, Marina was staking out the club on suspicion from an unknown informant that a major drug deal was going to happen at the club. Marina, trying not to blow her cover, decides to go inside the club through the back door. However, since it is locked, she takes out her gun and fires at the lock, unaware that it broke through the floor and ignited the insulation. Marina heads into the club and sits at the bar undercover, waiting for the deal to happen. After witnessing Jessica Golden freak out and say the club will collapse (and after finding no presence of a drug deal at the club) Marina leaves. Moments later, the club collapses.

Marina was the fourth survivor of the accident to die.


Sometime between Jess' escape from custody and her arrival back at prison, Marina is arrested after the cops find out she is the one who caused the accident. Although Marina tried to explain what happened, the cops didn't listen to her, deeming her actions as reckless. The morning after Charlie Delgado dies, Marina is bitten on the leg by a poisonous spider (presumably a Black Widow). Because Marina is in her cell all by herself (all the officers went out for lunch when she was bit) she dies from the poison.

In a dream she has sometime later Jess encounters Marina, and the other club survivors claimed by Death so far, in the entity's realm. Jess could easily tell what happened to her, as she saw her legs swelled up and a small mark on her waist that was infected and purple, the same spot where the spider bit her.


  • In Jess's vision of the club collapsing, Marina was killed when an explosion launched a drumstick into her chest cavity, right above her heart.
  • While in jail, inside a cell next to Marina's, Jess saw a big black spider scurry to a crack in the wall and disappear. It's possible this was the same spider that killed Marina.

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