Mark N Tompkins, the famous Canadian matte has worked as a stand-by painter in the first "Final Destination" movie. While relatively young and inexperienced, Mark id a great job in background painting, which was highly praised by the critics. He himself did not expect the movie to become popular, yet even franchise. His only prior experience in horror movies was in 1999's Lake Placid.[2]

History Edit

Tompkins was born in 1975 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is known that from his earliest days Mark wanted to become an artist (not specifically a painter), and this was one of the reasons for him joining the Capilano University in Vancouver in 1993. After finishing the educational process, Mark got involved in various projects that presented different challenges from the art world. He worked as a set designer on many theater plays and got involved in minor TV projects only in the late 1990's.[3]

Career Edit

Once his breakthrough happened with Lake Placid, mark had the offer to work on Thir13en Ghosts and Freddy vs. Jason.[4] Later, he got involved in big-budgeted Sci-Fi projects like I Robot and Fantastic Four. Towards the mid-2000's he got involved in several dramas and thrillers like 2012 and I love You Beth Cooper.[5]

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