Marty is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is the manager of the Industry Hills circuit in Los Angeles and is a personl friend of one of the drivers, Hal Ward. During a race a few days after the South Hill Metroline bombing, Marty walks into the locker room and finds Hal sitting on the bench, softly sobbing to himself. When Marty asks what the problem is, he tells him that the sound of the screaming fans reminded him of the people perishing in the bombing accident. Although irritated at him, Marty shows some sympathy for Hal. Hal tells Marty that he may have gotten back into his career too soon and Marty lets him have the night off. Hal sneaks off and goes to Susan's house instead later that night.

However Marty would be one driver short the next day, because Hal drowned in a mysterious flash-flood while riding his dirtbike down a dried-up creek bed. Marty was presumably one of the people mourning his death at his house and placing wreaths and black satin photographs at his doorstep.

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