Matthew Upton is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. Set in the late 1800s, Matthew is a survivor of the Mornington Crescent accident and is a newspaper editor for The Clarion. He is also a seemingly obese and unhygienic man. Several years before coming to England, Matthew was a soldier during a war in Afghanistan, where he witnessed many of his comrades get butchered by tribesmen, the memory haunting him ever since. Matthew, along with many other civilians went over to Madame Adrienne's house to perform a séance, when one of the attendees, Juliet Collins, witnessed a vision of the house exploding and incinerating everyone inside. Juliet freaks out and decides to back out of the séance, along with Bill Sangster. Matthew also agrees to leave with the rest of them, but Adrienne stays inside. The attendees divide from each other and soon enough, the house explodes. Partially affected by the experience, Matthew travels to Juliet's house the next day to interview her about the premonition, just in time for Jack the Ripper to claim another victim, which he promptly writes about and criticizes the police force for.

Matthew is the first survivor of the Mornington Crescent accident to die.


Angry at the previous article posted in the news, Matthew goes over to see Juliet again to take a statement. He decides to take a shortcut through a deserted alleyway instead of his usual route. As he is walking, he trips and falls on debris and looks down to notice he's just been impaled in the breast by a metal pipe. Matthew isn't hurt, but he suddenly begins to smell flesh burning. Looking back down, he realizes his chest is on fire and begins to scream, with smoke seeping out of his mouth. Matthew's body begins to burn from the inside-out and he vomits onto the pipe, finally realizing that the pipe is coated in acid. Though he desperately tries to scream for help and take the pipe out of his stomach, he's unable to escape. His brain begins to cook and his eyeballs boil and explode just before he dies, leaving nothing but a shriveled black heart engulfed in fire.


  • While dying, Matthew sees his parents, who had died two decades ago.
  • Matthew also sees dark demons with wings approach him before perishing.

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