"Texas Slim" McMurtry is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. A poker player, McMurtry is written off as a stereotypical cowboy who isn't slim and (judging by Arlen Ploog) isn't even from Texas, as his accent is seemingly related to that of Yosemite Sam. Playing against Arlen in Merlin's Tower, Slim wanted Arlen to make his move since he had to use the bathroom, and already knew that Arlen was stalling. Instead of folding, Arlen called Slim's bet and put down his cards. While Arlen had a Dead Man's Hand, Slim had a five-high straight and won the match. Slim tipped the croupier before suggesting that they play another game in the future, with Arlen trying his best to smile at him since he wasn't a sore loser.

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