Millicent is a character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. She is the receptionist for Dr. Shapiro. Millicent was working at her desk one day when Rose called and requested to undergo another liposuction with the doctor. Millicent agreed that the doctor had one space left in the afternoon to work on her before warning her not to drink or eat anything for twelve hours. Once Rose arrived to the doctor's office, she guided her to the examination room when her name was called and took photos of her body before the surgery began. After taking the photos, Millicent waited at her desk while the surgery began, unaware that Rose was dying when both the doctor and nurse were unconscious due to a gas leak and her organs were being sucked from her body. After Rose died, Sherry, who had been waiting for surgery for nearly an hour, got up and left, leaving Millicent confused.

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