Mr. Golden is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Reckoning. He is the father of Jessica Golden and the husband of Mrs. Golden. Mr. Golden isn't much of a caring father, unable to remember how old his daughter even is and struggling to keep his monthly apartment bills payed, resorting to pawning several of his items (such as the fire extinguisher). Jess visited her father after not seeing him for a while after Charlie Delgado died and woke him up after midnight, wondering if he wanted any food. Mr. Golden brashly told her daughter to go away so he could get some sleep for a job the next day. Before walking away, Jess asked what happened to her mother, where Mr. Golden suggested she was dead (which she was, being a victim of the Club Kitty disaster). Mr. Golden woke up a few minutes later after a fire had started in the kitchen, which ruined a frying pan, his brand new poker table, and the A/C unit. Mr. Golden yelled at her daughter, blaming her for the accident (and for letting Macy in the house without his permission). After a bit of back-talking, Mr. Golden warned Jess about her attitude, and that he and her mother were gonna have words with her. He later stomped out the kitchen and went back to sleep.

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